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FRAMED 50 min

What is it to frame someone? In French, encadrer quelqu’un, it is simple: you can frame those that you can't stand to see even in painting. But English is more devious: as known to lovers of crime fiction, "to frame someone" is accumulating evidence to turn an innocent into a guilty and thus falsify the investigation. How are we framed, limited, watched, monitored and eventually accused? The performers brought together compositions by the French composer Georges Aperghis and a text by the British play writer Martin Crimp, I'm happy to separate my legs, specially written for Ballets Confidentiels, to address all aspects of the theme of surveillance: vigilance, heavy policing, self-censorship, in society, in the couple, family, and into the maze of its own thought. "There is nothing political about my body" says ironically one performer.

BC have worked together to tell through movement and voice these new oppressions, controls, screens, flat surfaces, borders, women under surveillance. Into and out of the frame, they play and play about the limit, each time sustained, transmitted and outdated and recreate an area of ​​freedom, an eventful moment of reflection out of the frame. "Lola Gruber pour Paris quartier d'été" 

Corps à corps solo percussionniste & zarb music by G.Aperghis
Solo dance solo in silence
Gong melodies by Oliver Knussen (Four late poems and an epigram of Maria Rilke)
Framed different aspects of modern surveillance in words and music by G.Aperghis and text by Martin Crimp

Framed is a coproduction of Moving Feet vzw and Paris Quartier D'été.

Choreography: Johanne Saunier, Ine Claes
Performed by Eleonore Lemaire, Johanne Saunier and Richard Dubelski. 

Article on Ballets Confidentiel's performance Framed at Paris Quartier D'été 2016. 

Article on Ballets Confidentiel's performance Framed at Paris Quartier D'été 2016. 

RFI - interview
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Interview with Ballets Confidentiels during Paris Quartier D'été 2016.


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