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Visions of India

'Visions of India', created for the prestigious festival Europalia 2013-14, is a sublime exchange through dance.

The choreography invites the audience to feel, live, and see everything that is heard and imagined in the music performed by B.C. Manjunath from Bangalore,one of the most promising virtuoso mridangam player of his generation, and Belgian sitar player Bert Cornelis.


The performance is a symbiosis of Western contemporary dance and classical Indian carnatic music.

Strong images, humour, the traditional Indian konakol and an intense connection to the virtuoso mridangam percussions and sitar melodies makes 'Visions of India' a junction where East meets West.


Performed with live music, with B.C. Manjunath and Bert Cornelis.

Duration: 25 or 50 min

Choreography: Johanne Saunier and Ine Claes

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