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I'm happy to separate my legs

This choreography on two chairs is a work created on the text, "I'm happy to seperate my legs," written by English writer Martin Crimp.

The text comes from the original "The Freedom to seperate my legs", a work from the book "The Republic of happiness". Martin Crimp has re-written a new version and "dance-text" specifically for Ballets Confidentiels.


Ballets Confidentiels interprets the text with movement and voice. The piece reflects contemporary borders of society and the way it undergoes surveillance today.

Ballets Confidentiels literally created a work of art by positioning oneself physically in a frame. The framework that as society, the look of the other, imposes limits, acceptance or exceed ... out of frame.

I am happy to separate my legs is a manifesto for the freedom of legs.   8 min 


Choreography: Johanne Saunier and Ine Claes


Text: Martin Crimp

Voice Composition: Ine Claes and Johanne Saunier after an idian konakol

During In Search of Akarova, film by Toussaint Colombani