Flamenco! Visions

‘Flamenco!Visions’ focuses on the beauty and elegance of the human body.

More specifically on the back. Often covered with fabric, the back is our biggest canvas. In this piece the dancers uncover their backs and reveal the secret beauty of our largest muscle.


The choreography of ‘Flamenco!Visions’ is performed on the composition, 'Lo que no contamo', for string quartet by young Czech composer Ondrej Adamek. Adamek was inspired by Spanish flamenco music while writing this composition.

The choreography is a precise transposition of every note and sound that is heard through Adameks composition. The dancer bodies become ‘sound visualisers’, shaping sound into movement, into an image that we usually only hear, not see.


Duration: 17 minutes.

Choreography: Ine Claes and Johanne Saunier

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