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Created with the electronic music duo Different Fountains and drummer Mathieu Calleja. Beats is build in 3 parts, first acoustic, then the electronic seizez gently in the partition and progressevily passes the sound of the drum into a new world of sound. The dance stays clinging to the music throughout all transformations. 


Beats juxtaposes pre arranged and precisely improvised material, creating a vivid pallet of colors and atmosphere. The influence of Different Fountains leads the choreography into a new territory for Ballets Confidentiels, a scene that is characterised by introspection, trance and collective consciousness.

With Johanne Saunier, Ine Claes, Guida Inês Mauricio, Michael Langeder, Bernardo Risquez and Mathieu Calleja. 


Choreography: Ine Claes and Johanne Saunier

With the support of KissKissBankBankers


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