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Ballets Confidentiels will be from september 2020 in residence in théatre garonne in Toulouse, france  !!!!


we,Eléonore Lemaire, Richard Dubelski, Johanne Saunier & Jim Clayburgh are incredebly happy about this news. this is so amazing

We will perform there our latest pieces BALLETS CONFIDENTIELS, and premiere finally our piece DANS UN TRAIN-Вагон-заг, and last we will create our next piece on blue beard.DOORS.... yesssss!


new programme of BC with Eleonore & Johanne

to be seen 27 sept in Maison Pelgrim during the Parcours D 'artistes of St Gilles.

coming dates

27 sept Living Together, Maison Pelgrim, st Gilles

3 oct Anis Gras, paris  Ké za Ko

7,8 dec  Scène nationale d'Orléans  Dans un train-Вагон-заг