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A performance questioning the impact of the Call. Call to love each other, to unity, to war, to meditation, to freedom, to trance, to party ...  
Une performance qui questionne l'impact de l'appel, l'appel à s'aimer, à s'unir, à faire la guerre, à méditer, à la liberté, à la trance, à célébrer


Ma belle si tu voulais: On an anonymous song of the eighteenth century, composition Leroux.

Callings: The public finds itself in the middle of a battle of calls of Richard D and Eléonore L. The composition is inspired by traditional calls in nature, call to celabrate, call to make war etc.

Dido:  "when I am laid", "Dido and Aeneas" by Purcell

2 women and a drummer: virtuoso dialogue between percussions and dance

JUMP ! Sublime exchange between sound and movement, JUMP, a crazy piece, invites the public to feel, live, see eveything that is heard, the virtuosity of the voice, the frenzy percussions “home made", the melodic complexity, the groove, a call to party. 

Collective creation by/de Johanne Saunier, Eléonore Lemaire et Richard Dubelski & lights: Jim Clayburgh

Production JOJI INC

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