The Art of Calling: a program in which the 3 artists of the BC are questioning the impact of the Call and its consequences. Call to love each other, to unity, to war, to meditation, to freedom, to trance, to party ... A journey that raises the collective resonance of individual calls, and how we build ourselves in relation to them.


Ma belle si tu voulais: On an anonymous song of the eighteenth century, composition Leroux.

The art of calling: dance during a "battle of call". The public finds himself in the middle of the calls of Richard D and Eleonore L. Their composition is inspired as much by traditional calls as the call in nature, the call to joy, the call to make war etc. And how the public transforms the impact of the call.

Didon:  "when I am laid", "Dido and Aeneas" by Purcell

2 women and a drummer: virtuoso dialogue between percussions and dance

JUMP ! Listening to the crazy track "FAST TRACK" by Miles Davis, each performer Ballets Confidentiel offers its own version. The synthesis of these 3 versions creates a new collective work made of unexpected choreographic and musical elements

Collective creation by Johanne Saunier, Eléonore Lemaire et Richard Dubelski & lights: Jim Clayburgh

Production JOJI INC

Logo designed by Evy Vandeput


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